Project Helping is a mental wellness organization. We help people build mental wellness through accessible experiences that create purpose and community. We partner with nonprofit organizations to provide over 500 volunteer experiences per year to our community.


We invite as many people to build their mental wellness as we can reach, no matter their current mental wellness or skill level. We invite individuals to join our small group volunteer experiences that are intentionally designed to be meaningful, social, and accessible.


Volunteers who contribute meaningful work can really understand, see, and feel the difference they make. This helps volunteers to derive a sense of purpose, which is one of the four dimensions of mental health.


The small volunteer groups facilitate connection, especially for those who might be living with the isolation and stigma of a mental health challenge. We encourage the volunteers to build community, which is another of the dimensions of mental health.


We want to eliminate barriers to participation to make it as easy as possible for volunteers to find an opportunity to build their mental wellness. We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities across the metro area, and it takes less than 30 seconds to sign up.



How old are Project Helping volunteers?

We are happy to accommodate your age requirements. While two-thirds of our volunteers are 18-45, we welcome volunteers of all ages.

We have a family program called Kynd Club. We created this program to help families frustrated by a lack of volunteer opportunities for younger children. Kynd Club volunteer experiences are designed to be meaningful, social, and accessible like all other Project Helping experiences. The main difference is that Kynd Club experiences accommodate youth ages 5-17. While catered to a younger crowd, all Kynd Club events are still open to adults and the community at large.

What size are Project Helping groups?

We can accommodate the requirements of your organization.

Project Helping volunteer groups are typically between 5-15 individuals, and Kynd Club groups can be up to 25 volunteers, depending on your needs and availability. This group size is a sweet spot for an intimate community building experience that is not intimidating for volunteers who might be living with a mental wellness challenge.

How do you schedule a volunteer experience?

We prefer to schedule on the same day of the month (i.e. first Wednesday, third Thursday, etc.) to make the schedule reliable (and accessible) for the volunteers who want to return. Volunteer opportunities that last between 2-3 hours provide a perfect amount of time for volunteers to make a difference. Evenings and weekends are ideal. Kynd Club volunteer opportunities are scheduled primarily on evenings and weekends to accommodate the school calendar, though summer break is an exception.

Once we identify the day of the month, we will confirm the specific dates through the end of the year to accommodate holidays/closures/etc, if necessary. In the fall, we also reach out to schedule specific dates for the upcoming year. 

What is the Project Helping volunteer registration process?

We try really hard to keep the sign up process as simple as possible for our volunteers. To achieve that, we ask volunteers to sign up once directly with Project Helping. We require name, email, cell phone, and a digitally signed waiver. We can customize our registration form to include information you require and send you an Excel file with the registration information to streamline the process.

Do Project Helping groups have a leader?

In order to ensure each volunteer has a positive experience, every opportunity will have a Kynd Leader assigned. This is a dedicated volunteer who is committed to leading the same event each month. The Kynd Leader is the Project Helping point-of-contact in case any issues arise during the event. This person may be an adult, a youth at least 16 years of age that has shown outstanding leadership qualities, or a pairing of an adult/caregiver with a younger child. Outside of the event, the Program Director is the main point-of-contact for Project Helping.


Kynd Leaders are screened through an interview process with Project Helping and complete an online training covering mental health awareness, leadership, Project Helping mission, and event logistics. Once a leader is trained, we’ll reach out to coordinate a tour for that leader to meet everyone they’ll interact with at your organization during the volunteer opportunity, tour the site, and review the volunteer tasks/agenda to ensure they are fully prepared.

We Want To


We are always looking for new, amazing nonprofit partners who can provide meaningful volunteer experiences for our community. Are you a nonprofit? Do you need volunteers? Do you want to create a mutually beneficial relationship?! Us too! Contact us so we can make it happen.

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