There are two ways to play the Gratitude Starters
Game. Check out how to play below, or use the
game to make up your own version! As long as
you're expressing gratitude, you're doing it right!

Two Ways to Play

Choose How You'd Like to Play by Selecting a Dropdown
  1. Roll the Gratitude Starters Dice

  2. Enter the letter and number combination into the search bar below to get a prompt. 

  3. Share your gratitude!

A1 Describe your happiest childhood memory.
A2 What is a popular song that you enjoy (and why do you like it)?
A3 What is one of your favorite songs from your childhood?
A4 Who is one friend you can always rely on?
A5 What is the biggest accomplishment in your personal life?
B1 What is the biggest accomplishment in your professional life?
B2 What is your favorite memory of your father (or stepfather/guardian)?
B3 What is your favorite memory of your mother (or stepmother/guardian)?
B4 Describe your favorite pet (or former pet)?
B5 List 10 hobbies and activities that bring you joy?
C1 What is a mistake that I’ve made, which ultimately led to a positive experience?
C2 Describe a family tradition that you are most grateful for.
C3 Who is a teacher or mentor that has made a positive impact on your life and how did they help you?
C4 What do you like the most about your town or city?
C5 Describe your favorite location in your house and why you like it.
D1 What is one something you’ve learned this week that you’re thankful for?
D2 Who made you smile in the past 24 hours and why?
D3 What is a recent purchase that has added value to your life.
D4 What is the biggest lesson you learned in childhood?
D5 List 10 ways you can share your gratitude with other people in the next 24 hours.
E1 Describe your favorite smell.
E2 Describe your favorite sound.
E3 Describe your favorite sight.
E4 Describe your favorite taste.
E5 Describe your favorite color.
F1 How can you pamper yourself in the next 24 hours?
F2 Name and write about someone you’ve never met, but who has helped your life in some way.
F3 How is your life more positive today than it was a year ago?
F4 What do other people like about you?
F5 List 10 skills you have that you are grateful to possess.
G1 Describe the last time someone helped you solve a problem at work.
G2 What is your favorite part of your daily routine?
G3 What is a great book you’ve recently read?
G4 What is your favorite holiday and why do you love it?
G5 What is your favorite T.V. show and why do you love it?
H1 What is your favorite movie and why do you love it?
H2 What is your favorite way to enjoy nature? (i.e. walking in the woods, sitting on the beach, or hiking in the mountains, etc.)
H3 Write about a recent obstacle you faced and how you overcame it.
H4 Describe a favorite pet or animal and what you love(d) about it.
H5 List 10 things you are looking forward to in the next year.
I1 What do you love most about your country?
I2 What is your favorite food to indulge in?
I3 Write about someone who makes your life better.
I4 If you’re single, what is your favorite part about being single? Or if you’re married, what is your favorite part about being married?
I5 What is today’s weather and what is one positive thing you can say about it?
J1 Describe a weird family tradition that you love?
J2 When was the last time you had a genuine belly laugh and why was it so funny?
J3 What body part or organ are you most grateful for today? (e.g., your eyes because you got to see a new movie)
J4 What is a major lesson that you’ve learned from your job?
J5 List 10 items that you take for granted, which might not be available to others (i.e. Clean water, electricity, etc.)
K1 Write about a recent time when a stranger did something nice for you.
K2 What is the hardest thing you’ve had to do, which led to a major personal accomplishment?
K3 What is one aspect about your health that you’re grateful for?
K4 Who can you count on whenever you need someone to talk to and why?
K5 Describe the last time you procrastinated on a task that wasn’t as difficult as you thought it would be.
L1 What is your favorite habit and why it is an important part of your daily routine?
L2 Describe a “perfect day” that you recently had.
L3 What is a favorite place that you’ve visited?
L4 Describe a funny video that you recently watched.
L5 List 10 qualities you like about yourself.
M1 What is one thing you look forward to enjoying each day after work?
M2 What is something you did for the first time recently?
M3 What is what one lesson you can learn from rude people?
M4 When was the last time you had a great nap where you awoke feeling fully refreshed?
M5 Shower or bath? Which do you prefer and why?
N1 Write about a time when you felt courageous.
N2 What are a few ways you can appreciate your health when you’re sick?
N3 What is a favorite drink that you like to enjoy?
N4 Who has forgiven you for a mistake you’ve made in the past?
N5 List 10 things you have now that you didn’t have 5 years ago.
O1 What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?
O2 What is something positive you can learn from one of your negative qualities?
O3 What are a few aspects of modern technology that you are grateful for?
O4 What is a great recipe you’ve prepared?
O5 Describe a recent time when you truly felt at peace.
P1 What is your favorite quote or bit of wisdom that you like to share with others?
P2 What is your favorite sports team? Describe a cherished memory you have when cheering for this team.
P3 Are you a morning person or a night owl? What do you love most about this part of the day?
P4 What is the last thank you note you’ve received and why?
P5 List 10 of your favorite possessions.
Q1 What is a small win that you accomplished in the past 24 hours?
Q2 Describe one thing that you like about your daily commute to work?
Q3 What is a personal viewpoint that positively defines you as a person?
Q4 Describe an experience that was painful, but made you a stronger person.
Q5 What is your favorite season and what do you like about it?
R1 What makes you beautiful?
R2 What are you most looking forward to in this week?
R3 Describe a small, everyday thing that you enjoy with a special person in your life.
R4 What is an app or piece of technology that you use every day which adds value to your life?
R5 List 10 things you like about your job or workplace.
S1 Describe a favorite outfit and why you feel great when wearing it.
S2 What activity do you enjoy most when alone?
S3 What activity do you enjoy when with others?
S4 Describe your oldest friend. What do you like most about this person?
S5 How have you recently cared for your physical wellbeing?
T1 How have you recently cared for your mental wellbeing?
T2 When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
T3 What is your favorite charity and why do you support it?
T4 Write about a challenging person in your life (i.e. someone you frequently disagree with) and the qualities you like about this person.
T5 Who is a family member that has always been there for you?
U1 What book are you most grateful for having read?
U2 What hobbies (or activities) would you miss if you could no longer do them?
U3 What is something you love(d) about your father (or step-father/guardian)?
U4 What is something you love(d) about your mother (or step-mother/guardian)?
U5 Where was your last vacation? Describe what you did there.
V1 What is something that comes easily to you?
V2 What is something that you’ve recently fixed?
V3 Describe something positive in your life that you didn’t have five years ago.
V4 What makes you happy when you’re feeling down?
V5 List 10 life accomplishments that you’re proud to have achieved.
W1 What artist, musician, or author are you most grateful for?
W2 What do you love most about the current season?
W3 What gift did you enjoy receiving in the past year?
W4 What freedoms are you most grateful for?
W5 Look around the room and list all the items that you’re grateful for.
X1 What fear are you currently facing? How can you use this fear to your advantage?
X2 What is your top goal? Why is this goal important to you?
X3 What is your favorite emotion to feel?
X4 What makes you happy to be alive?
X5 List 10 things that you hope will happen in the next year.
Y1 What are 3 things that bring you comfort?
Y2 Name something beautiful you saw today.
Y3 What was the last act of kindness you received or witnessed?
Y4 What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Y5 What day of the week is your favorite and why?
Z1 What hobbies are you grateful to be able to do?
Z2 What was on simple thing you did today, that not everybody has the luxury of doing?
Z3 Is there a positive news story or headline that you once heard that you still remember to this day?
Z4 What inspires you? What are some ways that you can work a piece of that in to every single day of your life?
Z5 What is your favorite part of your morning routine? Is it your cup of coffee? Your morning shower? Your commute when you get to listen to your favorite podcast?
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  1. Roll the Gratitude Starters Dice [Example: Rolled “3” & “M”]
  2. Recognize the Good. Identify “3” Sparks that begin with the letter “M”. [Example: Mom, Music, Making dinner.]
  3. Reflect on WHY. Take time to examine the reason you are grateful for the Sparks you identified. 

*Try to be grateful for the things that challenge you in your daily life. Say I GET to vs. I HAVE to. How does that feel?

If you roll a “Spark” emblem you are a Gratitude Starter!
Connect with someone (visit, call, text, email) and let them know WHY they are a Spark for you. Ask them to reach out to someone and express their gratitude and start a Gratitude Cycle. 

As you play, if you express gratitude for someone in your life, tell them!

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