Ari Plotkin

Born and raised in Denver Colorado, Ari is a local to the community and has spent the majority of his life in Colorado. Ari attended CSU studying construction management and real estate. While at CSU, Ari cultivated a passion for helping others after seeing a lot of his friends struggling with mental illness. He worked with the community to organize and support philanthropies that raised money for the CSU Mental Health Network and the Larimer Food Bank. After college, Ari moved back to Denver where he is now attending the University of Denver and a current member of the US Army Corps of Engineers as a Reserve Officer. After coming back to Denver, Ari wanted to get more involved in the community which lead to him meeting with Justin Kruger and after being inspired by the work done by Project Helping he became a member on the Associated Board. Ari’s hobbies consist of hiking, swimming, skiing and traveling.

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