I’ve always known that I was put on the world to help people, and after going through my own mental health journey, I discovered that everything I had been through was so that I could help people who are dealing with a similar path. A combination of trauma and genetics sent me to the hospital a few times for mental health and co-occurring disorders. I wouldn’t have made it through it all without the help of people who were there for me when I couldn’t be there for myself. That’s why becoming a part of the Project Helping team has made me feel like I’m finally getting to pay it forward and live out my passion. Mental health will always be part of my journey – and I can’t wait to walk through this journey with others and change lives along the way.

Audrey is a 4th generation Coloradan. When she’s not running around blessing the world with her humor and grace, you can find her drooling over all things food (I’m especially looking at you pizza and tacos), dancing at concerts with her friends, and constantly making sure her dog Beau and her two kitties Taco & Tilly are having the best lives ever!