I have been passionate about volunteering since the young age of 9 years old. I was first introduced to volunteer work through school clubs that required volunteering and quickly realized that it was something I loved doing for others and for myself. I went on to be president of my volunteer club in high school. It is always a great escape from school, work, and society where you can feel yourself making someone’s day. After high school, I got my bachelor’s in Family Studies and Human Development and minor in Psychology from the University of Arizona before moving with my boyfriend to Colorado for the beautiful mountains and to pursue a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.
I am someone who believes what happens to one person in a family happens to everyone. Growing up my mother and multiple family members struggled with addiction. My main goal in life is to give children a chance to communicate their feelings in a safe, warm environment and be heard for the troubles they are going through. I hope to finish my degree and help families, children, couples, teens, and individuals understand the importance of mental health and healthy communication.
When I am not working or doing school, I love hiking, baking, day trips, and playing with my cat Danika