Jessica Myers- Director of Operations

I moved to Denver 3 years ago. I’m originally from Houston, studied Psychology at University of Houston and then got into non-profit fundraising when I moved to Austin during 2014. I worked my way up from a canvasser to a National New Markets Director over the course of 6 years. I was lucky enough to raise millions of dollars for some of the most world renown non-profits. I traveled across the country getting people to donate and support incredible missions. My passion for helping people and my drive for making the world a better place was solidified immediately. This journey brought me to Denver where my activism didn’t stop.  Project Helping and I connected over a common understanding of fighting to break stigmas around mental health/wellness.
Outside of work I love going to baseball games, watching live music and exploring the food scene. Growing up in Texas set the bar for food pretty high for me, so it’s been exciting finding places that might get close to being just as good!
My 10-year-old pit-bull is my pride and joy. We explore the mountains as frequently as possible. On top of collecting tattoos and reading books, I like to think I’m a pretty standard human being!

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