Michelle Anderson – Vice President, HR Colorado

Michelle grew up in Denver and graduated from MSU with a degree in Human Nutrition & Dietetics. She has always been passionate about wellness and the mind-body connection and is a strong believer in the importance of Mental Health Awareness. Michelle has had a diverse career journey, moving from Oil and Gas to Investigations before landing in her current role in Operations and Marketing at Colorado-based Experience Factor. She is also the Vice President of ever-growing HR Colorado – an organization developed to bring together local Human Resource Professionals for career guidance, events, and learning opportunities. Working closely with HR teams, Michelle strives to challenge and overcome the stigma around mental illness and neurodiversity – especially in the workplace. When Michelle is not at work balancing her roles at Experience Factor and HR Colorado, you may find her upside down in a yoga class, playing ukulele, or hiking with her pup in our beautiful Colorado Mountains.

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