I have always considered myself to be an extremely creative person, and until Project Helping I felt like I was struggling to find a place where I could truly utilize my creativity to its best ability. Following a creative path (that I felt I could apply in a way that was useful), I chose to pursue Marketing and Design and recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, a Master’s in Business Administration, and countless courses in design, public relations, and event planning.

After college I was passionate about finding something that I not only loved, but that I felt had a purpose. Project Helping is a dream organization for me to be at, where I leave every day feeling like even in the most miniscule tasks I completed, I have made an impact somewhere. “Be Great. Have Fun. Change the World.” A mission that I come to work every day passionate about.

In my free time you might have a hard time finding me- I love to travel, spend time with my friends and family, and I am always on the move. My biggest passions include surfing, snowboarding, great white sharks (yep, you read that right), and dancing to Shakira.