The Power of Choice

by Cecile Weigle

I used to feel at the mercy of my thoughts and emotions. I would easily feel overwhelmed, filled with self doubt and out of control.

A small problem would come up and my whole world would fall apart. I’d start second guessing everything, afraid to make the “wrong” step, only to stay stuck and overwhelmed.

This certainly wasn’t the mindset of a successful #girlboss, let alone the mindset of a woman who felt in control of her life.

But then I learned THIS – the power of “I choose...”

The Power of Choice

Beginning a sentence or thought with “I choose” instantly shifts you to a place of empowerment. You easily gain control over your life, actions and mindset.

Choice is the bottom line for many successful people who have overcome a challenge. Many successful people I’ve talked to reference a pivotal “choice” they made that changed the trajectory of their life forever. 

Our subconscious is literal and awaits our choices. 

“I choose to overcome this challenge.”
“I choose to see things differently.”
“I choose to go after my dreams.”
“I choose to make this happen.”
“I choose to be successful.”

Do you see how the words “I choose” instantly put you back in the drivers seat??

Now, whenever you face a situation that typically would’ve made you feel overwhelmed or scared, flip the switch by choosing for things to be different. 

This little mindset trick changed my whole life.

Bonus tip: Say it OUT LOUD. Let your body hear your new choice. Say it until you feel it in every cell of your body.

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