Project Helping organizes and leads 700+ volunteer experiences per year. Each volunteer experience is designed to be meaningful, social, and accessible - so it has an impact on the volunteer and the community.

We have volunteer programs built out for different age groups, demographics, and experiences. Click below to look through all of our volunteer experiences, or continue on to learn about our specific programs.

Kynd Schools

Improve mental wellness in schools through student volunteerism. .

Kynd Kits

Volunteer experiences that can be completed from anywhere, anytime!

Kynd Hub

KyndHub is an online community that gamifies volunteering, intentional acts of kyndness

Volunteer experiences
made for you

While most of our volunteer experiences are non-specific and open to anyone and everyone, some experiences are built for specific age ranges. Look through the list of current volunteer experiences to find events or email [email protected]

This provides a brief overview of each event category.

You can also see all of the programming and services we offer by visiting our services map.

Participate from anywhere

In addition to our in person volunteer programs, we have programs that allow you to participate in our mission from anywhere. Kynd Kits are volunteer experiences delivered to your home or office and KyndHub is a way to engage with kyndfulness online.


KyndHub is like a social media for doing good things! Sign up to share online kyndness.

Kynd Kits

Volunteering...delivered! Kynd Kits are volunteer projects in a box that you can complete from anywhere.

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