Project CURE Volunteer Project

Project CURE Volunteer Project with Project Helping

We had a great group of volunteers this morning at the Project CURE volunteer project. Project Helping brings a group of volunteers to Project CURE every month. It is a great event that makes a tremendous impact in a short time.


Project CURE takes donated medical supplies from hospitals all over the country and gets them people in need all over the world. Ever Project CURE volunteer project is only three hours long but makes an incredible impact. With 11 volunteers in just three hours this morning we sorted and packages enough medical I supplies to support a village of 400 people for an entire YEAR!Project CURE Volunteer Project

When the medical supplies are donated they need to be sorted before they can be shipped out. One of our tasks today was to sort the supplies into appropriate categories to then be boxed and prepared to ship all over the world. Once the supplies are sorted, we box them up by category so they can fill the needs of different villages.


We had 11 amazing volunteers join us this morning. None of our volunteers had medical experience, nor did they need it. The sorting process is easy and automated so that anyone can do it. Each of our volunteers did an amazing job and made a tremendous impact with only about 15 minutes of training.

You can have that same impact by joining a Project CURE Volunteer Project hosted by Project Helping.


When you think about impact, you definitely recoginze the medical supplies that were sorted and packaged to support 400+ people who need them. That impact is amazing and easy to measure.

But did you know there is also an impact being created on the wellness of the volunteers who participate. Volunteering has proven health benefits of the volunteer. When you volunteer a physiological reaction takes place in the brain which releases the chemicals that are associated with happiness.

The effects of volunteering are immediate and lasting for the mental wellness of the volunteer.

Do you want to experience these amazing benefits for yourself? Join an upcoming Project Helping volunteer project.

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