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Project Faith

Project Faith is a collaboration between My Quiet Cave and Project Helping. Our mission is to provide meaningful volunteer experiences to the Jefferson County faith communities to proactively build mental wellness and reduce mental health stigma.


The Organizations

My Quiet Cave

We believe all people are valuable regardless of their mental health. We equip faith communities to engage mental health and train and empower volunteers to lead powerful groups.

Project Helping

Project Helping provides meaningful, social, and accessible volunteer experiences designed to improve mental wellness through purpose, connection, and service. 

The Collaboration

My Quiet Cave and Project Helping have partnered to engage faith communities in Jefferson County with meaningful group volunteer experiences. Through this collaboration, we will work with faith communities to engage their people in regular volunteer experiences at a variety of nonprofit partners as well as provide KyndKits for on-site volunteer experiences.

On-Site Volunteer Experiences

Host an on-site volunteer experience with KyndKits. Place your order below and we will deliver them in time for an upcoming event.

Part of a Jefferson County Faith Community?

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