Project Helping Transition

user-friendlyGood news everyone!

Project Helping’s website is making a transition to being more user-friendly, while also being easier to navigate! Starting March 20th, volunteers can sign up for volunteer events directly through Project Helping’s  website. Project Helping’s transition away from using Eventbrite as our booking system makes it possible for our website to be a one-stop shop for volunteers to search and sign up for volunteer opportunities.

Project Helping’s new volunteer booking system allows anyone who is interested in volunteering to select the date(s) on the calendar to see what volunteer events are available for any day. A filter bar will be available to help narrow down the volunteer opportunities, so everyone can find an opportunity that interests them the most. This filter bar includes a date, location, availability, cause, tag, and a keyword option. Once someone has found the event that entices them the most, they can sign up for it. Our new booking system will include an email confirmation that will be sent to everyone who has signed up for an event, thank you emails, and emails to let everyone know we’re missing them!

We are looking forward to making volunteering easier for everyone who has been involved with Project Helping for a long time, as well as anyone new who is interested in volunteering. To see what other exciting events are happening through Project Helping, visit our website at

If you are someone who enjoys volunteering with Project Helping, or if you are someone looking for a way to connect with other people who enjoy volunteering, make sure to sign up for KyndHub! KyndHub is a unique social media outlet, created by Project Helping’s founder.  KyndHub is an online community where you can post acts of kindness, post volunteer events you attended, or take a minute from your day and practice kindfulness. You can also connect with friends and family through KyndHub, and participate in daily challenges. To learn more, visit KyndHub at

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