Red Hat Legal Team: We need YOUR help in meeting the challenge of assembling 140 kits for charities! Can we count on your support?
We’re very pleased to partner with Project Helping: Kynd Kits for this year’s corporate social responsibility activity. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the community (virtually!), learn about the efforts the organization is leading, and socialize with colleagues and their families.
Please scroll down to learn more and to follow the instructions on how to receive your Kynd Kits.  

Volunteering. Delivered.

Red Hat is providing Kynd Kits to be delivered directly to your home.

Kynd Kits are volunteer projects in a box. Your kit includes everything you need to make a meaningful project for someone in need.

How It Works

1. Click the “View product” button below each kit you wish to learn more about.
2. If you decide you like that kit, click the “Add to cart” button.
      • Select up to a total of four (4) kits
3. Review your cart
4. Click “Checkout”
5. Provide your shipping information
*You will only be shipped four kits. If you choose more than four, your order will be adjusted accordingly.
Each kit has a pre-set inventory based on the need from each benefitting organization. Some kits may show “out of stock” if the project has reached its quota. Please choose another kit in this event.
Please place your order no later than April 5.

The Journey of a Kynd Kit

What is a Kynd Kit and how does it work?
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