Rescue Dog [+]

Plus Kynd Kit

DIY Bandana

1. Find the following items:
  • White Canvas Bandana 
  • Permanent Markers 
2. Decorate the Bandana
  • Use the provided permanent markers or other writing tools to decorate a bandana for the shelter animal to wear when they are adopted.

  • Helpful Tips:
    • Fold the bandana in half, corner to corner, to get an idea of what it will look like when it is worn by the shelter animal. 
    • Place a piece of paper or cardboard under the canvas to avoid the markers bleeding through.

Create a Dog Bed

1. Find the following items:
  • Blanket
  • Scissors (Not included in kit)
2. Fold the blanket in half
  • If you would like to make a bed for a smaller dog, fold the blanket in half and then in half again.
3. Cut the blanket along the folded edge.

(If you folded the blanket twice to make a bed for a smaller dog, be sure to cut along both folded lines).

4. Cut out the corners
  • Cut out a 4×4 inch square out of each corner of the blanket
5. Cut strips of fabric
  • Starting at a corner, cut strips of fabric, 1 inch wide and 4 inches deep.
  • Keep cutting along one entire edge
6. Tie double knots
  • Take the each piece that you cut and tie each one in a double knot.
  • Continue this process along the entire side of the blanket.
7. Continue the previous steps to finish
  • Continue the above steps on each side of the blanket, until you have finished all four sides.
  • You now have a dog tie blanket bed!

Decorate the Box

Use the enclosed materials to decorate the box the kit came in. Make this fun and colorful. Get creative! This is how the recipient will receive their final kit.

Pack the Kit

  • Pack all of the materials into the decorated tote bag and put it back into the original box.
  • DO NOT include and used/opened decorating materials.
  • Make sure the Kynd Code is included.
  • Add any optional items you would like.
  • Newspapers
  • Washcloths
  • Towels and blankets
  • Animal care supplies (leashes, bowls, etc.)
  • OR – give your local shelter a call or take a look at their website to see what kinds of items they accept.

Delivery Options

  • Deliver the kit to a local animal shelter.
  • Return your completed kit to be distributed to dogs at Dumb Friends League.
To get a return label, click HERE.

Share Your Impact

Post your experience on KyndHub.

KyndHub is an online community that gamifies volunteering, acts of kindness, and gratitude.

  1. Go to or download the free app.
  2. Create a free account or log in.
  3. Select “I Built a Kynd Kit” from the post menu.
  4. Post about your kit.


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1. Locate the QR Code serial number on your Kynd Kit
  • If you have a classic kit, it will be located on the plastic bag inside the kit
  • If you have Plus or Max kit, it will be located on the inside of the box. 
2. Go to kit registration page 
  • If you are using your phone, open your camera and scan the QR code
  • If you are using your computer, click this link below and enter the serial number listed below the QR code
    • Code starts with KK 
Click here to go to kit registration page
3. Register your kit
  • Fill out the requested fields 
  • By providing this information, you will be notified when your kit is returned to Project Helping and when it is distributed to those in need 

*We will not use your information for anything besides notifying you of your Kynd Kit progress. 

4. When you have completed registering your kit, please return to this page to continue building your kit. 
5. Please ensure you include your QR serial code when returning your kit so we can scan it when we receive it.
6. You can visit at any time to check the status of your Kynd Kit.