Physical, Mental, and Emotional Self Care – Part 2

The previous post outlined the basics of self care with an overview and some tips to get started. Self care is a general way of living in which you prioritize your own well being to live a more healthy life. On a deeper level, self care can be broken into three different components: Physical, Mental, and Emotional.


Self care umbrella

Physical Self Care

Physical self care involves activities that improve your physical health such as diet and exercise. It also means seeing a doctor when you are sick and taking the time to rest. Caring for your physical health might mean eating extra fruit and veggies to fuel your body, as well as staying hydrated. It is also important to stay active in a way that is fun and rewarding for you. This could be going for a walk, hiking, playing a sport you enjoy, or taking a yoga class. Remember to find the balance! While it is important to stay active, make sure to rest if your body needs it.



Mental Self Care

Mental self care involves activities that help declutter your mind and reduce your stress levels. Taking care of your mental health can seem difficult when life gets busy with work or school. By scheduling time each day to care for your mental health, you can reduce your stress and improve your overall happiness. Caring for your mental health looks different for everyone. Some easy ways to relax each day include reading a book, doing a craft, unplugging from technology, decluttering your home, taking a class, or going for a walk. There is no wrong way to take care of your mental health, as long as it makes you feel relaxed!


Emotional Self Care

Emotional self care involves caring for your emotional health in order to attain emotional well being. The key is to get in touch with your emotions. This can mean taking some time to meditate, write in your journal, practice gratitude by reflecting or sharing with others, talking with a close friend, seeing a therapist, or leaving positive notes for yourself.


If you take a few moments each day to care for your well being, then you will be rewarded with a positive outlook and improved mental health. For more tips, see Part 3: DIY Self Care Kit.

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