Best Apps for Self Care – Part 4

There are lots of ways you can practice self care. Part 3 covered how to create a DIY self care kit to help you during stressful moments. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best self care apps. While it is good to unplug from technology for a little while each day, using apps can help you focus on your self care and provide insight for what your body needs.


self care apps always put yourself first

Self Care Apps for Mindfulness: Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a free meditation app that will walk you through guided meditations. Whether you are new to meditation or a long time meditator, you can filter the different guides to find the perfect one for you. The timer function allows you to meditate on your own to reflect on your day. With many options for ambient sounds and ending bell sounds, you can customize your meditation experience to fit your needs. You can meditate solo or join groups to share your mindfulness journey with others!

Self Care Apps for Sleep: Sleepbot

Sleepbot is a free sleep app that allows you to log your sleep and tracks your sleeping habits. What makes Sleepbot unique is the section for notes where you can jot down your dreams upon waking up in the morning and the sleep debt tracker. With the Smart Snooze function, the app will let you finish out your sleep cycle before waking you, so you will be rested and ready for the day when you wake up. Sleep tracking apps are a great way to remind yourself to get to bed on time so that you get enough sleep to be ready and rested the next day.

Self Care Apps for Inspiration: ThinkUp

ThinkUp is a great app for daily affirmations. You can select pre-written affirmations and add them to your daily list. You can also record affirmations in your own voice, which you can replay throughout the day. The app is free, easy to use, and great for everything from self love to practicing gratitude.

Self Care Apps for Happiness: Happify

Happify helps you work towards a specific goal for your happiness. Just pick a track that interests you and do a few fun activities every day to strengthen your happiness skills. Soon, it will become a habit and you will be leading a more fulfilling life. Once you have completed one track, then you can select another and continue your happiness journey. Tracks can range from being a more patient parent to practicing self love.

Self Care Apps for Kindfulness: KyndHub

KyndHub is a social media platform where you can connect with others to reflect and share gratitude. KyndHub helps you be present and aware of what your mind and body need. You can also search for volunteer opportunities through KyndHub and get ideas for acts of kindness. By doing good, it can help you feel good too.

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