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Being Kind on Social Media

The internet gets a bad rep as a place full of negativity, trolls, and people looking to bash others. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Every time you log on, you have the power to impact other people from all over the country. It’s time to bring kindness onto the internet in order … Continue reading Being Kind on Social Media

Depression is a Bully

How to stand up to depression as a bully Bullying, like depression, is all too common. More than likely, you’ve dealt with a bully at one point in your life. There has been someone in your life who has picked on you, called you names, or made you feel like you weren’t worthy. You have probably … Continue reading Depression is a Bully

When is a Good Time to Work on Your Mental Wellness?

How and when do you work on your mental wellness? Let’s start by answering that questions with another question (less than ideal, but stick with us). When is a good time to work on your physical wellness? Probably always. Even when we aren’t actively working on our physical wellness, we know we should be. We should … Continue reading When is a Good Time to Work on Your Mental Wellness?

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