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How to Reduce Anxiety in Kids

Increasing Rates of Depression and Anxiety in Kids A recent article from NPR discussed rising rates of anxiety and depression in kids and teens. According to one study, 1 in 3 adolescents (ages 13 to 18) meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder. The CDC recently found that 32% of teens reported persistent feelings of … Continue reading How to Reduce Anxiety in Kids

High-Functioning Mental Illness is Valid

    In a post for The Mighty, Marisa Lancione told the story of a time she sought help for her depression. When she went to counseling services, a counselor told her “Well, you’re dressed nicely today. You don’t look like you’re struggling.” Marisa was wearing a lace pink cardigan with long sleeves to cover up … Continue reading High-Functioning Mental Illness is Valid

Your Brain, Your Rules

Depression and other mental health challenges are never one size fits all. Everyone has different brain chemistry, different life challenges, and different experiences of depression. This means that people will often have very different treatment methods that work for them. Some treatment options may work great for you, but don’t help someone else. Others options … Continue reading Your Brain, Your Rules

High-Functioning Depression: Part 2

We wrote about high-functioning depression earlier on this blog; you can find Part 1 here. That post covered what it is and why it is important to talk about it. We are returning to this topic to address the stigma surrounding high-functioning depression and why that stigma can be dangerous.     The Struggle of Having … Continue reading High-Functioning Depression: Part 2

The Impact of Project Helping

Hi there! My name is Sophie. I was an intern at Project helping this past summer. As an intern, I got a front row seat to the impact that Project Helping makes on the community. I knew from the start that I would be helping others improve their mental wellness through kyndfulness and volunteering. I … Continue reading The Impact of Project Helping

Life Hacks for People Struggling with Depression

Having depression and/or anxiety is the equivalent of going through life on extra hard mode. Suddenly you have no energy, you want to sleep all the time, and it’s challenging to do even the most basic things. Treatment can take some time to be effective, so here are some life hacks to make life with … Continue reading Life Hacks for People Struggling with Depression

Eating Disorders and Depression

    In the discussion of mental health challenges, the topic of eating disorders often falls by the wayside. But why is this? Eating disorders are no less challenging or harmful than depression or anxiety. Eating disorders often go hand in hand with other mental health challenges. In a study of 2,400 women diagnosed with … Continue reading Eating Disorders and Depression

Kindfulness Connects: Q&A With a Volunteer

Brandon K. shares his adventures as a volunteer, his mental health journey, and the insights that he has gained along the way. Q: How did you first become involved with Project Helping? A: I first became involved with Project Helping while volunteering at the Action Center in Lakewood, CO. I enjoyed meeting the other volunteers … Continue reading Kindfulness Connects: Q&A With a Volunteer

Living with Depression in a World That Demands Perfection

Everywhere you look, something or someone is telling you that you’re doing everything in your life wrong. Ads tell you that you need to lose weight. Blogs tell you that you’re parenting wrong. Self-help books tell you that your thinking is wrong. The rise of social media allows us to connect with one another; however, … Continue reading Living with Depression in a World That Demands Perfection

How to Start the Conversation About Suicide

From 1999 through 2016, suicide rates have increased by as much as 30% in some states. According to the CDC, 45,ooo people took their own lives in 2016 alone. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. but no one is talking about it. A hush surrounds the discussion because many people … Continue reading How to Start the Conversation About Suicide

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