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6 Ways to Practice Gratitude as a Family

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! The holiday season is an amazing time to gather around the table and spend quality time together as a family. It’s a chance to reconnect with extended family and eat some great food. But amid the bustle of cooking in the kitchen and hosting everyone, it can be easy … Continue reading 6 Ways to Practice Gratitude as a Family

Depression is a Bully

How to stand up to depression as a bully Bullying, like depression, is all too common. More than likely, you’ve dealt with a bully at one point in your life. There has been someone in your life who has picked on you, called you names, or made you feel like you weren’t worthy. You have probably … Continue reading Depression is a Bully

Kindfulness: Connecting Kindness and Mindfulness

Kindness revealed We hide behind thin sheets of self. Enclosed, we are hopefully, safe. Behind windows with fogged panes we watch the world slowly, painfully, rotate. Someone peeks behind their swaying sheets and seems discouraged. They take a quick glance around. Others watching, waiting to see if someone will reach past their enclosure. Slowly, they lift … Continue reading Kindfulness: Connecting Kindness and Mindfulness

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