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Project Helping Transition

Good news everyone! Project Helping’s website is making a transition to being more user-friendly, while also being easier to navigate! Starting March 20th, volunteers can sign up for volunteer events directly through Project Helping’s  website. Project Helping’s transition away from using Eventbrite as our booking system makes it possible for our website to be a one-stop shop for … Continue reading Project Helping Transition

Total Picture of Impact

Exploring the net impact of simple, helpful gestures. I attended my first Project Helping volunteer event recently at Urban Peak. We prepped, cooked, and served breakfast to over 50 homeless youth. The impact of providing hot, nutritious meals to homeless youth is apparent to the volunteers. While we discussed the incredible feelings volunteering provided we also discovered … Continue reading Total Picture of Impact

Kindfulness: Connecting Kindness and Mindfulness

Kindness revealed We hide behind thin sheets of self. Enclosed, we are hopefully, safe. Behind windows with fogged panes we watch the world slowly, painfully, rotate. Someone peeks behind their swaying sheets and seems discouraged. They take a quick glance around. Others watching, waiting to see if someone will reach past their enclosure. Slowly, they lift … Continue reading Kindfulness: Connecting Kindness and Mindfulness

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