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10 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better

There are a lot of days where nothing seems to go your way. External factors can get in your way and ruin your day. While you can’t always control these external factors, you can control how you respond to them. Here is brief list of ways that you can turn a bad day around and … Continue reading 10 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better

Mental Illness vs Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness is a luxury. The Hilarious World of Depression featured Reggie Osse. Reggie Osse was a lawyer in the the hip-hop scene, a podcast host, an editor, and someone who battled depression. During this podcast episode, Reggie says “mental illness is a stigma, but mental wellness is a luxury.” Having to face a mental … Continue reading Mental Illness vs Mental Wellness

March means MASSIVE Impact

Volunteer experiences made a difference in the community and on their own mental wellness this month. March means massive impact at Project Helping. At the end of March, we’ll have hosted 13 volunteer experiences in two different states. Over 115 volunteers participated. Equally important, these volunteer experiences expanded our kindfulness footprint! We’re back at A Precious Child this month … Continue reading March means MASSIVE Impact

Kindfulness: Connecting Kindness and Mindfulness

Kindness revealed We hide behind thin sheets of self. Enclosed, we are hopefully, safe. Behind windows with fogged panes we watch the world slowly, painfully, rotate. Someone peeks behind their swaying sheets and seems discouraged. They take a quick glance around. Others watching, waiting to see if someone will reach past their enclosure. Slowly, they lift … Continue reading Kindfulness: Connecting Kindness and Mindfulness

Changing Lives with Kindness

We hear it all the time – change starts with you. But what does that mean? How can one person change the world? It is easy to be discouraged. Every day, new tragedies strike round the world. Sometimes it feels hopeless. We’re faced with so many problems, where do we start? We start with kindness. … Continue reading Changing Lives with Kindness

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