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A Teen’s Experience with Depression

Dealing with depression and anxiety is a rollercoaster. You say I’m not alone but I am petrified. My hands sweat, my heart beats so loudly I can hear it and feel it. Sometimes my stomach hurts and you may think is butterflies that come with the excitement of new situations but it feels like a … Continue reading A Teen’s Experience with Depression

The Importance of Destigmatizing Depression

The Importance of Destigmatizing Depression Why destigmatizing depression helps all of us Destigmatizing depression is beneficial for all of us. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than 15 million adults experience depression. The experience of depression is difficult to quantify. Not everyone feels comfortable opening up about their mental health. Whether … Continue reading The Importance of Destigmatizing Depression

Project Helping Transition

Good news everyone! Project Helping’s website is making a transition to being more user-friendly, while also being easier to navigate! Starting March 20th, volunteers can sign up for volunteer events directly through Project Helping’s  website. Project Helping’s transition away from using Eventbrite as our booking system makes it possible for our website to be a one-stop shop for … Continue reading Project Helping Transition

Ending Mental Health Stigma

Easy Ways You Can Support Those With Mental Health Challenges-Including Yourself At some point in our lives, we all experience problems with our mental health. Whether it is from stress, depression, anxiety, or another issue. Although mental illness is a common issue, people are still reluctant to reach out and ask for help or talk … Continue reading Ending Mental Health Stigma

Mental Health Stigma and Self-Stigma

What Role Does Self-Stigma Play in Mental Health Stigma? Mental health stigma! It’s everywhere, in everyone, all the time…or so it seems. When you are living with a mental health challenge, one of the hardest parts is how it makes you feel about yourself. Often the negative self-talk that’s happening in our minds is the … Continue reading Mental Health Stigma and Self-Stigma

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