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10 Ways to Help a Friend with Anxiety

Having anxiety can be a lot like living in a haunted house all the time. It makes you overthink everything, be afraid of the world around you, and can cause physical pain. If you have a friend with anxiety, they struggle with this all the time. For people who have never experienced anxiety, it can … Continue reading 10 Ways to Help a Friend with Anxiety

High-Functioning Mental Illness is Valid

    In a post for The Mighty, Marisa Lancione told the story of a time she sought help for her depression. When she went to counseling services, a counselor told her “Well, you’re dressed nicely today. You don’t look like you’re struggling.” Marisa was wearing a lace pink cardigan with long sleeves to cover up … Continue reading High-Functioning Mental Illness is Valid

Changing the Conversation About Eating Disorders

Part 1 covered the basics of symptoms and what an eating disorder is. One of the biggest challenges of having an eating disorder is finding the strength to seek treatment. This is difficult because factors like diet culture, social media, and your own self talk will try to convince you that you don’t have an … Continue reading Changing the Conversation About Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders and Depression

    In the discussion of mental health challenges, the topic of eating disorders often falls by the wayside. But why is this? Eating disorders are no less challenging or harmful than depression or anxiety. Eating disorders often go hand in hand with other mental health challenges. In a study of 2,400 women diagnosed with … Continue reading Eating Disorders and Depression

Psychological Impacts of Volunteering

The Psychological Impacts of Volunteering When Depressed Dr. Susan Noonan is not only an advocate for individuals with mental illness, but also a counselor, a teacher, and a friend. She is actively teaching the psychological impacts of volunteering and the road to recovery from depression. Recently, I posted a blog on my Psychology Today column … Continue reading Psychological Impacts of Volunteering

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