Our mission is to improve mental wellness
through accessible experiences that create
purpose and connection. We currently provide 4 in-person volunteer experiences in Tampa and Kynd Kits for at home volunteering.

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Project Helping organizes volunteer events specifically designed to make an impact — both on you and your community. Through volunteering, participants actively invest in their communities while also reaping the benefits of increased mental wellness. We create and practice kyndfulness!


Helping others, making an impact, and being a part of a community. These are foundational elements to who we are and what drives happiness. When we lose any of these elements, our mental wellness suffers. We provide aa way to build these elements and improve mental wellness.


First, we carefully select partner organizations that allow us to provide impactful, social, and easy to join volunteer events. Next, we provide these events at different times and locations for a variety of causes. Finally, you get involved, making an impression on your community and your own mental wellness.

Current Events

We currently host 4 volunteer events in Tampa. To sign up, email [email protected].

Trinity Cafe - Mondays 11am-1pm

Project Helping volunteers will help with the preparation and handing out of meals, Volunteers give simple respect and kindness with the goal of restoring a sense of dignity to lives turned bleak by the streets, poverty, or need. Masks are worn and social distancing measures are put in place to ensure the safety of the guests, staff and volunteers.

Daystar - Once a Month

Project Helping volunteers will provide much needed help to unload and sort groceries from a USDA monthly delivery. Our volunteers will unload, sort, shelve and stock as needed, so that food bags are available for the Daystar clients in need.

Make Fleece Blankets - Virtual Event

We are proud to partner with Project Linus Tampa to collect and distribute blankets to children in need. These blankets provide warmth, comfort, security and love to children and can be made ANYTIME in the comfort of your own home, school group, workplace or meeting space. Detailed instructions are available on request.

Kynd Kits - Participate from Anywhere

Kynd Kits are volunteer projects in a box that can be completed from anywhere. We currently have over 20 cause areas and each Kynd Kit is designed to support a specific cause. Visit kyndkit.com to learn more about this unique volunteer experience.

Any questions? Email us!

Upcoming events, Kynd Kits, and other questions.