Teaching Kindfulness to Kids (Includes Free Printables!)

Every parent wants to raise kids who are good human beings. Parents want nothing more than for their kids to be kind, happy, and mentally healthy. The key is to get them started young by teaching them about practicing kindfulness. Practicing kindfulness encourages kids to be nice to each other and will also improve their mental wellness down the road.

But how can you teach kids about kindfulness?

Easy: by making it into a fun, kid-friendly activity. You can print out the activities below and use them to teach your kids about how to practice kindfulness.

Click on the images to download the free printables!

kindfulness poster

Take One Acts of Kindness Poster

This Take One Acts of Kindness Poster is great for classrooms and daycares! Just cut along the dotted line and hang it up. Kids can walk by and tear off a slip, which has an idea for an Act of Kindness on it. This will give kids ideas for more ways that they can be kind and provide an opportunity to practice kindfulness.



kindfulness punch cards

Punch Cards for Kindness

Punch cards are a great way to keep track of a child’s acts of kindness, moments of gratitude, and volunteer hours. Kids can see the impact that they are making with each punch and can feel a sense of accomplishment with their kindness. When your child fills up one punch card, consider rewarding them with a special outing with mom an dad.



kindfulness coupons

Kindfulness Coupons

These coupons will help kids think outside the box with their acts of kindness. Simply cut out a coupon and follow the instructions. Some coupons involve handing out nice messages to friends and classmates. Others tap into your child’s creativity by allowing them to color a picture then write a nice message to give away. Use these coupons to connect with others and spread the smiles!

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