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Custom Plus Kynd Kit

Gratitude Practice

Let's start by taking a moment to practice gratitude.
  • When you were a teenager, think about the most helpful resource or mentor in your life that made you feel supported.  

  • What is one thing you learned as a teenager that has stuck with you throughout life?

The Recipient

The completed Kynd Kit can be delivered to any teen, local school, or community center. They can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, create positive mental health coping tools, and give them support when they might be struggling. 

The Reason

This kit is designed to be given to a teen to support positive mental wellness. The items in this kit were chosen by Covenant House, Samsung, and Project Helping to support the mental wellness of fellow teens. 

Unpack the Box

  • Take everything out of the box.
  • Lay everything out so you can find what you need to build the kit.

Create Your Kynd Code

* We are currently transitioning out of this step. If your kit has a reference to a Kynd Code, please disregard.

Register Your Kit to Follow It's Journey

*Starting on April 4th, we have implemented a QR code/serial number process. If you do not have a QR code on the inside of you box, please disregard this step.
1. Locate the QR Code serial number on your Kynd Kit
  • If you have a classic kit, it will be located on the plastic bag inside the kit
  • If you have Plus or Max kit, it will be located on the inside of the box. 
2. Go to kit registration page 
  • If you are using your phone, open your camera and scan the QR code
  • If you are using your computer, click this link below and enter the serial number listed below the QR code
    • Code starts with KK 
Click here to go to kit registration page
3. Register your kit
  • Fill out the requested fields 
  • By providing this information, you will be notified when your kit is returned to Project Helping and when it is distributed to those in need 

*We will not use your information for anything besides notifying you of your Kynd Kit progress. 

4. When you have completed registering your kit, please return to this page to continue building your kit. 
5. Please ensure you include your QR serial code when returning your kit so we can scan it when we receive it.
6. You can visit kyndkit.org at any time to check the status of your Kynd Kit. 

Find the Kynd Card

This is for you to spread extra kyndness to someone in your own life.  Consider writing a note to a friend, loved one, or colleague that you are grateful for.  Address the note and send it in the mail or give it to someone in person.

DO NOT include this in the finished kit.

Write a Note to the Recipient

1. Find the following items:
  • Blank card and matching envelope.
  • Enclosed materials such as crayons, markers, stickers.
2. Write your letter and decorate the card.
  • Use the enclosed materials to decorate the card.
    • Express your encouragement and include a hopeful message.
    • Decorate the front and the inside of the card.
      • Helpful Tips:
        • Do not include a date or year on the letter.
        • Avoid politics completely and religion in excess.
          * Can’t think of what to write, draw a picture!
3. Decorate the envelope.
  • Use the enclosed materials to decorate the envelope that will hold your card.
    • Make it colorful and fun. Decorate the front and back of the envelope.
4. Put the completed card in the envelope you decorated. 
  • Include the Kynd Code sheet with the card.

Decorate the Canvas Bag

1. Find the following items:
  • Canvas Bag
  • Markers
2. Decorate the canvas bag:
  • Use the enclosed markers to decorate the tote.
  • Make the canvas tote fun and colorful.

* TIP: Can’t think of what to write, draw a picture!

Surprise Kyndness

Go through the pages of the blank journal and write uplifting messages, draw small colorful images, or create fun writing prompts for the recipient.

Create an Origami Heart

*This is a new addition to the kit. If you don’t have this item in your kit, please skip it. 

Find the square origami paper in your kit. Fold the origami paper according to the instructions or video below. 

Create a Friendship Bracelet

*This is a new addition to the kit. If you don’t have this item in your kit, please skip it. 

Find the three different color strings and grab a pair of scissors. 


Create a Keychain

*This is a new addition to the kit. If you don’t have this item in your kit, please skip it.  

1. Find the following items
  • Keychain
  • Scissors (not included) 
  • Markers, pen, or other craft material 
  • White blank card
2. Open the keychain, using a pin or other small tool. Once open, use the rectangle cover to trace the shape and size onto the extra white blank note card paper.
3. Decorate the paper. Write an inspirational message or draw a picture. 
4. Cut out the paper to fit the shape of the keychain. 
5. Place the image inside the keychain and close the keychain, replacing the opening rectangle piece. 
 6. Attach the keychain to the fanny pack.

Heart Squish

1. Find the following items:
  • Heart-shaped stress ball
  • Permanent markers
2. Decorate the heart-shaped stress ball
  • Using permanent markers, decorate the heart-shaped stress ball.
*Only use permanent markers or else it will smudge!
*Allow for some drying time.

Worry Stone

1. Find the following items:
  • Worry Stone
  • Sharpies
  • Drawstring Bag
2. Decorate the drawstring bag
  • Decorate the drawstring bag to put the worry stone in for the recipient to then carry around in their pocket. 
  • Kit Builder Tip: place a piece of paper in the bag before drawing on the outside. This way the marker will not bleed through the other side of the bag.
* Worry stones are smooth, polished rocks used for relaxation or anxiety relief to help one feel grounded. The stone is meant to be kept in one’s pocket. The physical act of massaging a worry stone for several minutes is proven to provide therapeutic & psychological benefits that help soothe your nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, and help clear your mind so you can focus and think clearly.


Decorate the Box

Use the enclosed materials to decorate the box the kit came it. Make this fun and colorful. Get creative! This is how the recipient will receive their final kit.

Pack the Kit

  • Pack the decorated box with all the decorated items, fidget toys and resource guides
  • Make sure the Kynd Code is included.
  • Add any optional items.
  • Playing cards
  • Journal
  • Adult puzzle books
  • Fidget toys
  • Snacks

Delivery Options

Apply the return label label to the outside of the box and send it back to Project Helping for distribution to Covenant House.

If you do not have a return label but you would like to send your completed kit to Project Helping for distribution, click HERE.

Share Your Impact

Post your experience on KyndHub.

KyndHub is an online community that gamifies volunteering, acts of kindness, and gratitude.

  1. Go to KyndHub.com or download the free app.
  2. Create a free account or log in.
  3. Select “I Built a Kynd Kit” from the post menu.
  4. Post about your kit.


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