Project Helping is lucky to have amazing volunteers. It’s no surprise that the people who are giving their time to help others are pretty great. Fortunately, they seem to like us, too! See what our volunteers and Kindful Leaders are saying. Check out their testimonials. 

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It has been so long since I volunteered and Project Helping made it so easy to volunteer. The experience was so seamless and easy - great job! I have been exploring your website since I got home. The video of Jaclyn's story and the blog posts ... So many feels (and tears)! Long story short - I've been struggling with depression myself, and a depression skills class on behavior activation brought me to volunteering. Your mission statement feels true to my core, and I feel so aligned with what you're doing.


It is very difficult to find events with solid communication and a variety of events that have a variety of activities to do, but Project Helping clearly has both those aspects and more covered and with seeming ease. The event leaders were amazing and the event was coordinated beautiful. Project Helping an awesome organization and they truly helped/made me feel like I actually made a difference so thank you and keep doing what your doing!


I personally used to struggle with anxiety and depression so your mission is very relevant to my life. I felt that even this small event helped me find purpose to my city and gave a peace of mind, which is rare...I left the event with optimism and happiness 🙂


Something easy that anyone can just jump in and start helping! I felt as if as I was helping to fill their bellys with food, my heart was filled with gratitude. <3


The morning I drove home from my Project Helping volunteer shift at Urban Peak, I felt full of inspiration! Perhaps it was because the breakfast we served was truly made with love, or that the teens who came back for seconds felt hopeful, or maybe it was because our ProjectHelping kitchen crew was serving up smiles in addition to the hotcakes. Regardless of the exact reason, I know it felt really good to be in service. Project Helping helped me to feed my own heart. Thank YOU, <3

Whitney Gale
Project Helping

I benefitted from the event most by just feeling better about myself. I love helping people and this event gave me a chance to do that. It also gave me a chance to be with other people and have a good time not worrying about all the little things I worry about.

Project Helping

It was a wonderful experience. I didn't know anyone else in the group and everyone was wonderful. I loved volunteering in the morning because it set the tone for the rest of my day.



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