Project Helping is lucky to have amazing volunteers. It’s no surprise that the people who are giving their time to help others are pretty great. Fortunately, they seem to like us, too! See what our volunteers and Kindful Leaders are saying. Check out their testimonials. 

Project Helping

I often sign up for Project Helping events, but then my social anxiety kicks in and I try to talk myself out of going. But then I remind myself how amazing I am going to feel when we are done. Even on my lowest day, I always feel more optimistic and confident after a Project Helping event.

Project Helping

Keeping busy and helping others, whether its volunteering or just helping a friend, has been an important strategy in dealing with the depression/anxiety in my life. Mental illness is in my family, my Mom had manic depression -- so I have learned to deal through taking good care of myself and helping others. This is for my happiness and the happiness of others..... so I could be the best wife, mother, sister, friend and person possible.

Project Helping

My volunteer experience was great. First, it was easy to sign up and once I was there I felt very comfortable to jump right in and help out. I met some really great people and left the experience feeing very gratified.


What a wonderful way to spend my Saturday morning. I met wonderful people and feel great! The impact a few hours of my time will have on those in need was clearly measured and explained by the Project Helping team. I can't wait for the next event!

Project Helping

I was just recovering from a family trauma for 1.5 years, but I felt very down sometime. I decided to engage myself in some volunteer activity. Volunteering gave me good feeling, sense of purpose, rid away from bad thoughts, and also a hope. Now I spend almost every weekend on volunteering one or the other places. My volunteering journey started with Project Helping and I am very grateful for them.


It feels so good to be able to help others in my free time. It gives me awareness about my life and helps my mental health. I plan on continuing it on a monthly basis.


I had an amazing experience at urban peak. Everyone I worked with was so friendly and upbeat. Knowing that I helped feeding the homeless was so rewarding, there's not another feeling like it.


I did not stumble across Project Helping on accident; in fact, I knew exactly the kind of organization it could be, and is, at the onset of the idea, having known Justin Kruger for a very long time. I, myself, struggle with depression and anxiety, and when the opportunity arose to join this great cause as a board member, and also be a part of its volunteer network, I jumped, without doubt or fear. The mission of creating joy through purpose feels genuine, and even in my short time with the organization, I simply feel better. The abyss of depression is lonely, and often spiraling, yet with each event is a potential opportunity to smile, to laugh, to have a sense of camaraderie with others that would otherwise not exist for me. Even as it seems so effortless for others likely not struggling with depression and anxiety. With Project Helping, I finally belong somewhere.


Volunteering with Project Helping was so rewarding and such a wonderful experience! After my time volunteering with Project Helping I had this new sense of appreciation and gratitude. Volunteering your time gives you new perspective and helps you to see life through a new set of lenses. There really is no greater gift to give to someone than your time and is the gift that keeps on giving. It was definitely a priceless and special experience. I look forward to volunteering more through Project Helping and continuing to help others and continuing on my pathway of personal healing and growth.


I love being involved with Project Helping. Volunteering and giving back to my community taps into a well of joy within me that I did not know existed. I am so thankful to the project for bringing me out of my darkness and into a group of amazing people. It feels amazing to give back to those in need, and I am lucky to reap the added benefit of how it makes me feel in return.



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