Project Helping is lucky to have amazing volunteers. It’s no surprise that the people who are giving their time to help others are pretty great. Fortunately, they seem to like us, too! See what our volunteers and Kindful Leaders are saying. Check out their testimonials. 

We volunteered for a breakfast service for homeless teens at Urban Peak. The people we met thru Project Helping were awesome and inspiring. Thank you to the team for allowing us to be a part of something really helpful and rewarding. I will look forward to the next.


Volunteering with Project Helping was an experience that has truly changed my life. Being someone who usually sends donations I never got to truly appreciate the feeling that volunteering your time and efforts for other people can give you. Depression being something that runs in my family it has been a great experience to be able to spend time with others that share the same struggles, and that depression really isn't an uphill battle that you have to face alone.


This is an awesome non profit organization ran by wonderful people! Depression is something that is a real problem that few people want to discuss. This organization provides an environment where people can get together to help the community as well as each other.


As soon as I volunteered for the first time with Project Helping I knew this was going to help change my life. I have dealt with depression my entire life and never told anyone, not even my family. When I started volunteering with Project Helping it opened my eyes and really helped me understand that depression is a part of all of us in some way, shape, or form. Through my volunteerism I finally had the courage to talk to my family and friends about the struggles I have dealt with and since I have done this my life has changed completely made a healthy turn. I encourage everyone to be a part of Project Helping and volunteering with the amazing people Justin and his team work with. "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about" and if we can help by volunteering our time, our resources, and our wisdom to our community it will only make us all stronger.


Project helping is an amazing organization with an incredible mission. They are organized and great to work with. I will definitely be volunteering with them again and encourage others to sign up for their future volunteer opportunities. Thank you project helping for making it so easy to give back to my community.


Project Helping is an amazing organization looking to help tear down walls associated with depression while at the same time giving back to the communities they love and making a difference. Whether you are looking for help building new trails at Pence Park or looking to have your community fixed up just bit or serving meals to those less fortunate, Project Helping is there to help you! Reach out, make a difference and help support Project Helping. You won't be disappointed!


Being involved with Project Helping has helped add purpose and happiness to my life. Each volunteer opportunity is a chance to meet and bond with new people, give back to those in need, and feel good about life and living. Thank you, Project Helping for putting a smile back on my face that I forgot existed.

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