6 Ways to Practice Gratitude as a Family

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! The holiday season is an amazing time to gather around the table and spend quality time together as a family. It’s a chance to reconnect with extended family and eat some great food. But amid the bustle of cooking in the kitchen and hosting everyone, it can be easy to forget that Thanksgiving is a day for gratitude – in addition to being for turkey. Here are 6 easy ways to practice gratitude as a family this Thanksgiving.

practicing gratitude

1) Gratitude Round Table

Before everyone digs in, take a moment for everyone to share one thing that they are grateful for. This is a chance to reflect on what this year has brought and recognize the important people in your life.

2) Write Thank You Notes

Part of being grateful is also being thankful for the people in your life. Have everyone write a Thank You note to someone who has had a big impact on them this year. For kids, this could mean thanking their teachers, coaches, or friends; writing notes like this is also a great way to teach kids to be kind.

3) Donate Part of Your Meal

Be grateful for what you have by giving some away to someone less fortunate. A lot of local shelters accept food donation! Consider donating a Thanksgiving dinner so those experiencing homelessness can have a nice meal. You could also pack lunch bags as a family to give away to those in need.

4) Share Your Gratitude

Spread the gratitude by posting on social media or on KyndHub. If there are people you are grateful to have in your life, you can tag them on KyndHub to let them know. When you share your gratitude, you inspire others to do the same!

5) Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

This can be a great activity for kids to keep them busy while the adults are cooking! Make a list of things for the kids to find or name, for example: 4 things they are grateful for, 3 things that challenged them, 2 people they care about, and 1 thing that want to share with others.

6) Volunteer as a family

Donating your time is a great way to help others while reflecting on your gratitude. With K4K volunteer events, you can take part in meaningful volunteer experiences that are appropriate and engaging for kids.


For more ways to practice kyndfulness as a family, check out our post on teaching kids about kyndfulness!

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