The 3 Things I Did During My Darkest Days That Saved My Life

By Cecile Weigle

tumblr_inline_ngal44Orz51t0kpoiMajor depression feels like a heavy darkness that’s incomprehensible if you’ve never experienced it. It is a torrent of distress and agony with no end in sight.

My darkest days were long, empty, lifeless and consuming. It was a terrible journey of shame and paralyzing fear, filled with yearning for relief from the pain.

I couldn’t do much but these are the 3 things I managed to do…and they saved my life.

1. I Spent Time With Others

Depression is isolating. And when I was alone it was harder to ignore, cope with or distract myself from depressed and suicidal thoughts. When I hung out with a friend or a family member I didn’t have to get wrapped up in my dark world. I could just be with them. At this point, all I could do was tag along in their life – I was the equivalent of a pet rock. But luckily my loved ones didn’t mind having me tag along. It helped distract me from the dark depression that bled through my life.

Losing interest in the things that once made you jump for joy can make it really hard to even leave the house. But being around others is incredibly powerful, especially those who understand what you’re going through.

2. I Spoke Up

After a close friend took his own life and I never even knew he was struggling, I realized not talking about what I was going through wasn’t worth it. It wasn’t worth suffering in silence! It wasn’t worth not letting those who loved me know.

So I started talking about my depression. I started with whom mattered most – my family and friends. That gave me the courage to share my struggle with my professional network. The more people I told, the easier it became. And the more I talked about it, the better I felt.

While it’s not something anyone *wants* to talk about, it’s a topic that needs to be talked about. We can’t keep avoiding, ignoring or hushing the problem, because 1 in 10 people suffer from depression, 80% of whom don’t seek help.

3. I Sought Help

I asked for help. I pleaded for help. It was the last thing I could do. I was at the end of my rope; rock bottom; scared for my life.

I didn’t want to suffer anymore, especially when there were tools I could use to feel better. So from down on my knees in surrender, I accepted help in any way available.

Seeking help from professionals has begun to improve my life. This has given me the lift I needed to start feeling better. It’s still not easy but it’s  S O  M U C H  B E T T E R!

Cecile Weigle is a Certified Holistic Health Coach that helps individuals who struggle with depression or anxiety integrate holistic treatment options like exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes to improve and manage their mood. To learn more about Cecile and her signature coaching program, The Depression Detox, visit her website at

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