Transitional Employment Program

Every Kynd Kit purchase creates a massive
ripple effect of impact, including providing
meaningful employment to some amazing
humans. Learn how your kit helps.

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Mental Wellness

Volunteering improves the mental wellness of the doer. Building a Kynd Kit is good for you!

Project Helping

100% of Kynd Kit proceeds go to further Project Helping's mental wellness mission.

Help Others

Every kit is designed to impact someone in need or someone who could use your support.

A Second Chance

We employ individuals with barriers to employment to build Kynd Kits giving them a second chance.

The Impact Your
Kynd Kit Makes

Every Kynd Kit is designed to make maximum impact.

When you build a Kynd Kit, you improve your own mental wellness through volunteerism. The kit you build with benefits someone else brightening their day. One hundred percent of the proceeds from your kit support Project Helping, a mental health nonprofit. And you provide meaningful transitional employment to amazing human beings who need a second chance.
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How It Works

The Program Details

As Project Helping’s Kynd Kit program has grown, so has the need to expand our team. We recognized this as an opportunity to create another point of impact for our community. The first step was to decide who we wanted to serve. Our mission is focused on mental wellness and we started with a goal of tying this new program as closely as possible to this focus. 

Given our longstanding relationship with amazing nonprofit partners, we started to seeking out those programs where we could plug in to existing job readiness programs and become an employer where these organizations could place their individuals in need when they were ready for a full time job. 

We launched our Transitional Employment Program with the goal of providing stable employment and wrap-around resources to people who have been experiencing homelessness and/or have had substance misuse issue. Mental health challenges are often cooccurring in these individuals and being able to provide them a stable work environment and resources fits seamlessly with our existing mission.  

Project Helping works with our nonprofit and community partners who have job readiness programs in place. Individuals who have been through these programs are introduced to Project Helping’s program and given. an opportunity to interview for our full-time positions.

Our first partner for transitional employment placements is Urban Peak, whose miss is “Igniting the potential in youth to exit homelessness and create self-determined, fulfilled lives.”

We also accept placements from Goodwill, along with other community partners and programs. 

Our program participants are given a full-time position with Project Helping to help us assemble and ship Kynd Kits. They are given wrap-around resources in addition to their pay. These resources include: 

  • Two sessions per month with a professional development coach.
  • A full professional development curriculum.
  • Access to health and dental insurance.
  • Two session per month with a licensed mental health therapist. 
  • Free transportation.
  • Monthly financial literacy training.
  • Monthly career readiness trainings. 

Our program participants will spend approximately 9 month with us as full-time employees. As we approach the end of their time, we work with them to find a permanent, full-time placement that will pay them a living wage, provide benefits, and allow them to be self-sufficient, thriving members of our community. 

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