One Day, Two Volunteer Events and Two States

Two Volunteer Events in Two States and a HUGE Impact

In a matter of a few hours this weekend, we hosted two volunteer events – at the same time – in two states. That’s not as hard as it sounds when you have amazing event leaders like we do!

In Denver, we had a group of 35 volunteers working at Food Bank of the Rockies to package and prepare food for families in need. In only about three hours of work, we were able to handle enough food to create over 7500 meals for families in need all over Colorado!  We focus on creating impactful volunteer events and this one certainly fits that bill!

At the same time, our amazing Phoenix Leader (that’s what we call our amaing team of event leaders) was leading an event in San Deigo. Project Helping has adopted the Manzanita Canyon in San Diego and brings a group there once per month to clean up trash, paint over graffiti and generally make it a great place. On Saturday, we had a group of 21 volunteers who gave a couple hours of their time on a Saturday to help with this great project!  They made a huge difference on the canyon in only a couple hours.

We are always proud of the impact that our volunteers make during our Project Helping volunteer events. However, that is not our primary focus. We create engaging, social and easy to join volunteer events to leverage the amazing health benefits of volunteering. We focus on the exerpeince and the benefits for the volunteer and, at the same time, we get to create an amazing impact in the community!

We have over 100 volunteer events every year. Come check one our for yourself and find out how amazing volunteering is for your wellness!

Click here to visit our get involved page and search for volunteer events in your area.

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