What is a Volunteer: An Acrostic Poem about What it Means to be A Volunteer by Project Helping

What is a volunteer?

A volunteer is a:











Resilience Volunteers are visionaries of sorts! Volunteers aren’t impractical but they are idealists who have the creativity to envision a better world. Volunteers believe in the power of people and the possibility of change. They also offer love. Love is demonstrated through care; it takes work. Volunteers labor for the good of others; they work for their wellbeing. In short, they care. And just as the most admirable forms of care are practiced not for money but out of genuine concern, the volunteer receives no monetary reward for her labor; it is offered without expectation of recompense and hence under no terms. Finally, volunteers are enthusiasts. Volunteers attach themselves to a particular cause and devote their time and resources to it. This is encouraging not only because it sets a positive example for others, but because it fosters strength and inspires spirit, aka resilience, within the community.

So way to go volunteers!

We hope you’ve enjoyed.


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