Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Project Helping community! Project Helping community members include volunteers, Kynd Leaders, staff and board members at Project Helping and partnering nonprofits, and anyone those community members interact with during a Project Helping program experience. We want to ensure all members have a positive experience. For that reason, we have created a Code of Conduct. 



The Code of Conduct defines a set of values that reflect the mission of Project Helping. We expect all community members to act according to our Code of Conduct. Your actions as a community member reflect both on you and on Project Helping, including if you continue to volunteer with a nonprofit partner outside of a Project Helping program. 


Be Open

  • We strive to be inclusive and embrace diversity in all of our activities. 
  • Community members are welcome regardless of age, economic status, physical or mental ability, race, ethnicity, cultural background, political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender expression or identity.


Be Respectful

  • We respect the dignity of every person with whom we have contact.
  • We display compassion and sensitivity for the people we interact with.
  • We maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of each community member.


Be Accountable

  • We honor our commitments.
  • We show up on time and stay for the duration of a Project Helping program experience.
  • We make special arrangements in advance, if necessary.


Be Discerning

  • We set boundaries for ourselves and know our limits.
  • We communicate our concerns and needs appropriately.
  • We do not purchase, possess, or consume alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons while volunteering with Project Helping.


Be Safe

  • We follow all rules and directions provided by the nonprofit organization and event leader.
  • We keep safety at the forefront of activities. 
  • We avoid engaging in activities or actions that will bring any harm (physical or mental) to another person or property.
  • We report any injuries, hazards, or individuals who could be a danger to her/himself or others to the appropriate person.


Project Helping reserves the right to disengage with any community member at any time who does not adhere to the Code of Conduct or whose actions may not be appropriate for nor aligned with the mission or the goals of Project Helping, Project Helping programs, or our nonprofit partners.


Cancellation Policy

Thank you for registering to volunteer with Project Helping and committing to improving both your mental wellness and the community. By registering for this event, you are committing your time as a volunteer. We depend on your help and company!

If for any reason you won’t be able to make it, please email us at at least 48 hours in advance. This allows us adequate time to release the spot to an eager volunteer on the waitlist and fulfill our volunteer commitment.

Before the event, check out our guided resources tool: If you’re feeling anxious, this is a great tool to use before volunteering for your great event.
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If you have questions, contact us, or check out our FAQs page.

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