Treasure House of Hope: My Volunteer Experience

What is Treasure House of Hope?

Treasure House of Hope is a nonprofit organization that uses biblical teachings to help people in touch situations get back on their feet. They teach how to live a disciplined lifestyle through on-the-job training and GED opportunities while providing a supportive living environment. They also provide medical, dental, vision and legal assistance for those participants in need.

I was fortunate enough to meet some of the amazing people who dedicated their lives to helping others see and reach their potential. As well as some of the individuals who committed to this one year program to better themselves.

treasure house of hope: do small things with great love

My Experience

“Are you here to help?” Someone greeted me the moment I walked in. They wore the biggest smile that I had ever seen. Immediately I could feel the energy radiating through the building. After talking to Angelia Anderson I knew the work I was about to do would make a huge impact. In the kitchen everyone was laughing and talking amongst each other. The entire venue had a family-like atmosphere that helped me feel right at home.

I got to tie ribbon around the loaves of bread once they were bagged. This is where I learned what Treasure House of Hope was all about. We baked bread to give to individuals and businesses that donate to the charity. While talking with one of the participants, I learned that annually participants are sent out into the community to tell others about the program. This gives each participant a chance to show their individual progress and share their story, while also raising money for Treasure House of Hope. While getting to know the other volunteers and participants, I tied ribbon on over 150 loaves of bread.

I was able to experience the impact I made at Treasure House of Hope while making connections with other volunteers. By the end of the night, I wished there was more work for us to do. This is the perfect place for someone who is wanting to build connections with people who are passionate about volunteering. Doing good at Treasure House of Hope feels good!


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