We know you are incredibly busy, so we appreciate you
taking a moment to learn about Kynd Kits. We sent you
a box of kits in hopes that we might be able to partner to
deliver this unique program to more people.

Kynd Kits are a program of Project Helping, a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit. Our mission is to improve mental wellness
through inclusive experiences that create a sense of
purpose and connection.


Everything you need to complete your project for someone in need is included in your kit.


Each kit can be customized before you order it or you can add items to the kits as you build them.

Free Shipping

The cost of your Kynd Kit includes shipping directly to your home or office.


Each kit was designed with feedback from the benefitting organizations and causes.

How It Works

The Kynd Kit program was built to make our mental wellness mission more accessible. Volunteering is a win-win. It is good for your mental wellness and impacts others in need. Our mission is to make it ridiculously easy for everyone, everywhere, has access to these benefits.

We would love to partner to spread awareness for mental wellness and the health benefits of volunteering.
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The Journey of a Kynd Kit

What is a Kynd Kit and how does it work?
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Kynd Kits are designed to be used by anyone. Individuals, families, small group, and any sized company can use Kynd Kits to make an impact on the community no matter where they are.


Kynd Kits include everything you need to build something for someone in need no matter where you are.

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We would love to collaborate to create mental health awareness.