Ever Felt Like You’re In a Funk? – Insight from the YAC

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yac on being burnt out

Can we all agree that we are always busy and have about 20 tabs open in our heads that we need to take care of? There is just so much to do!

There are often two approaches. Hustle and delete those 20 tabs in one sweep or look at those 20 tabs and watch Netflix instead. As much as I want to say that I will hustle and delete (sometimes I do or at least try), I often will ignore my responsibilities and watch Netflix instead. But why? It’s called being burnt out.

In today’s society, we are expected to do so much in such little time. We don’t even get to catch the sunrise and hardly ever see the sunset. When can we finally catch a break?

As a senior in high school, I am juggling family life, getting good grades, extracurricular clubs/sports, finding time to hang out with friends, working out, and applying to colleges. I wake up early before school to work out and then stay up late to do homework after going to the extensive amount of extracurriculars. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about bills yet, but we’re getting there! I see that being burnt out applies to my parents as well. After a whole long week of work, all they want to do is sleep or sit in one place. They don’t want to go grocery shopping or make phone calls to pay the bills, but they have to because that’s survival in the bubble we live in. I have a toddler-aged sister too and she is a whole ‘nother level of needing attentive care.

yac take a breakSo what can you do about this funk that you are in?


Take a break

Yes! Take that break! We all need to take a break to come back rejuvenated. This could range from taking a vacation or even sitting down to meditate and breathe. If you have kids, maybe even go out for a date night!



yac saying noSay “No”

I know, this one is hard. I even find it hard for myself because everything sounds like such a great idea! Before you give an answer to an opportunity, think to yourself, “Will this benefit me or harm me?” “How will this impact the people around me?” and finally “Do I want to do it or am I being pressured?” All very good questions, so choose wisely what you accept into your life.



yac be positive

Practice positivity

Often times when you are burnt out, negative thoughts come to mind. Start small. Every morning or night, keep a journal about the good that happened in the day, celebrate your small accomplishments, or maybe buy someone’s coffee.

Another great activity to do is volunteer! Volunteering is so fun because you get to interact with everyone and hear their stories. A simple interaction with them is enough to put a smile to your face. If you need volunteering opportunities Project Helping is the place to be, click HERE to start searching for volunteer events!



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